Clarence Lui’s Appointment To The LAT And OCPC

On April 11, 2018, by Orders-in-Council and on the recommendations of the Attorney General of Ontario, Clarence Lui was appointed as a part-time member of the Ontario Licence Appeal Tribunal and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission, adjudicating appeals of licence suspensions and conducting hearing on issues relating to the Police Services Act.

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Emily Stock Speaks On Property Coverages After A Catastrophe

Emily Stock spoke at “C4 2018 – CatIQ’s Canadian Catastrophe Conference” in Gatineau-Ottawa. The conference brings together industry, academia and government (and the occasional lawyer by invite) to discuss Canadian catastrophes and to brainstorm on what can be done proactively.

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No Such Thing As Indeterminate Liability For Damages: A Case Comment On Livent (2017 Scc 63)

Seven Judges of the Supreme Court of Canada have split, 4-3, on whether an auditor owes the audited company (and its creditors/shareholders) a duty of care, and the analysis of the scope of such duty.

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Clarence Lui In Law Times

Clarence Lui was recently interviewed by the Law Times on the recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision in Usanovic v. Penncorp Life Insurance Company.

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A “limitation” On The Insurer’s Duty Of Good Faith

According to the Ontario Court of Appeal in Usanovic v Penncorp Life Insurance Company, 2017 ONCA 395, an insurer’s duty of utmost good faith to its insured does not require it to disclose the existence of a limitation period. That is, unless the provincial parliament decides otherwise.

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Repair And Storage Liens: Two Exclusive Procedures In Ontario

I am often asked by our astute clients whether they should apply under the two procedures provided in section 23 or 24 of the Ontario Repair and Storage Liens Act, on disputes with repair shops and tow operators over repair, tow and storage charges.

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