Practice Areas

Insurance Coverage and Defence

Our firm has notable and exceptional experience with the defence and handling of first party insurance claims. We work with insurance companies to assess coverage in response to a claim, and if we are unable to find coverage, to handle any ensuing litigation accordingly.

Our work has included providing coverage opinions on duty to defend, overlapping coverage, and allocation between insurers and indemnity on various types of policies including CGL, E&O, D&O, Property, Wrap-up and Course of Construction / Builder’s Risk. We have provided independent opinions to multiple insurers to assist them in coming to a resolution on allocation or coverage issues.

Where appropriate, we have commenced litigation, including bringing coverage application on behalf of insurers, or responding to litigation arising out of coverage disputes.

We also have acted as monitoring counsel on behalf of insurers in large complex and/or towered litigation. We attend negotiations, mediation, and Court as coverage counsel to assist in the timely and reasonable resolution of files with difficult coverage issues We are also called upon with respect to insurance programs, in the absence of a claim. For example, we have worked with underwriters to review wordings in policies particularly with respect to the scope of coverage and exclusions.

  • All types of insurance policies, such as:
    • CGL, boiler and machinery, builders’ risk, and course of construction
    • automobile and commercial trucking policies
    • homeowners’ policies
    • directors’ and officers’ liability
  • bodily injury and property damage claims arising from automotive incidents
  • construction loss claims
  • first party CGL, property, and fraud claims
  • coverage advice and litigation
  • directors’ and officers’ liability
  • energy, environmental and products liability claims.