Practice Areas


We frequently work with the Special Investigation Units for various insurers and commercial clients and assist them in their fraud investigation.

In particular, we are sought out by insurance clients to provide opinions on claims involving fire and arson, theft, bills of exchange, employee dishonesty, repair and storage liens, and issues on handling. Our team is equipped to assist with fraud investigations and any civil proceedings that may result. 

Examples of our work include:

  • Assistance in the investigation of questionable claims, including insurance appraisals and examinations under oath conducted pursuant to the Insurance Act on losses reportedly caused by theft, water, fire, and explosion;
  • Injunctive proceedings including Mareva (asset freezing) and Anton Piller (civil search warrant) orders against individuals alleged to have committed civil fraud;
  • Judgments against individuals for insurance rate evasion schemes and recovery of stolen property;
  • Pursuing individuals in civil proceedings who are alleged to have fraudulently claimed accident benefits against insurers;
  • Successfully defending against questionable claims brought by towing and repair companies;
  • Recovery against collecting banks for clearing third-party cheques containing unauthorized or fraudulent payee endorsements;
  • Recovery against medical providers for facilitating billing frauds against insurers; and
  • Restraining the use and disclosure of sensitive confidential business records that accidentally came into the possession of an individual.