Emily Stock

Zurich Life Insurance Company Limited v Branco, 2015 SKCA 71

Emily was part of the team of lawyers that successfully appealed the unprecedented punitive and aggravated damages award of almost $5M against two insurers, to bring the total amount to less than a fifth of the original award.

Hume Investments Ltd. v. Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, 2019 ONSC 709

Emily represented the Insurer in a property coverage case with respect to a claim under an earthquake endorsement in a property policy. After hearing extensive expert evidence, in a trial may well have been a “crash course” for a engineering degrees with a specialization in structural and seismic engineer, the Insurer was victorious.

Cargojet Airways v Aveiro et al, 2016 ONSC 2356

In an action against the contractors and design professionals involving the construction of a new airplane hangar, Emily successfully had the action struck for being brought outside the applicable limitation period in a three day summary judgment trial.

Kayne v. The Owners, Strata Plan LMS 2374, 2013 BCSC 51

Emily was co-counsel in a five week trial involving whether a townhouse was a “leaky condo” and whether it had been properly remediated. The action was dismissed by the Court after considering the strength of the evidence tendered on behalf of Emily’s client, the remediation design professional.

Murray v. Langley (Township), 2010 BCSC 102

Emily and her co-counsel successfully resisted a summary judgment motion about the cause of the failure of a slope next to the Plaintiffs’ home. The Defendants were then able to move towards a resolution without the parties becoming further entrenched in the Court process.

Timberwest Forest Corp. v. Pacific Link Ocean Services Corporation, [2009] 2 FCR 496

Emily was second chair in a Federal Court trial involving the waiver of subrogation clause in a bill of lading and the doctrine of third party beneficiaries. Emily’s clients, the defendants, were found to be additional insureds and so have the benefit of the waiver of subrogation. The trial decision was upheld on appeal.

Newton v. Marzban 2008 BCSC 328

With her co-counsel (and friend and first mentor in law) David Wende, Emily represented a national accounting firm and one of its business valuation partners in a claim brought by an ex-wife against her ex-husband and all the advisors involved in her divorce proceedings. After 64 days of trial, the action was dismissed as against Emily’s client in its entirety.

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